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"Last year, I went through cancer treatment. I was very lucky that I had a very treatable non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but I still had to endure 6 months of 12 treatments of chemo. As anyone who has had cancer can attest to, you lose a year of your life, but that's better than the alternative. 

While I was going through my treatments my nephew, Steve Ernenwein, offered to do a group healing meditation while everyone was home for Christmas. I was open to the idea since when you are in this situation you become open to anything that will help you get through this and feel better. We invited our extended family and both of us were happily surprised at the number that came to the meditation.

Most of us did not know much about meditation, but everyone was open and willing to help me. The night was magical and I can say one I will never forget. It was very relaxing and when Steve had everyone share something with me it was very emotional for all of us. At my next doctor appointment, a couple weeks later I found out that I was in remission. What a blessing and since it came on Jan 2 everyone said it was going to be a wonderful New Year. 

After the group meditation, I started listening to Steve's meditations to help me through my final treatments. I have also shared with others these meditations, and as one of my friends said his voice is so awesome to listen to. I am proud to be able to say that is my nephew and his music too. To anyone who is looking to be more at peace and be healthier I recommend Steve's meditations!"

- Cindy T./Oneida, NY

"Everyday I listen to Steve's meditations and I'm amazed how it fits what l am dealing with. He has done his own personal work, that comes through. These meditations have changed my life. I am more at peace with myself. I trust myself more. Thank you!"

- Cheryl R.S./Coon Rapids, MN

"As the director of The Lighted Way Fellowship in Edina Minnesota, I have been privy to Steve's meditations twice now. Our group has been meditating in a pyramid-shaped building for over 2 years and has grown in numbers steadily since 2012.
Steve's mesmerizing voice conveys a Presence that is felt by all in attendance. His exquisite visualizations fully grasp the depth of the "Cosmic Heart" and connect the listener intimately with Source. He does so with such ease and depth, with his gentle, soothing voice, that one is ushered effortlessly into his/her own interior being. The result is connection with the Infinite and the experience of oneness with the vast cosmos and here on earth, in our own bodies.
Steve's masterful guidance, complemented by his background music which supports and enhances the meditative flow, has us breathing our way into our own intimate connection with the Divine. He is a gift to all who seek "higher ground" and can take you from any point you are at. 
I highly recommend his amazing Meditations*****

-Kathleen F./Edina, MN

"I hold such deep gratitude for Steve Ernenwein and his divinely inspired meditation practice The Activated Human Lighthouse Program. Last December I came to the Center for Harmonious Living to attend a Qigong class. The time had been changed from what was posted on Meet Up. Synchronistically Steve’s meditation group was meeting at the same time. A friend had previously recommended this meditation group. I decided to stay and give it a try. Steve was welcoming and immediately put me at ease. The meditation was powerful and helpful to me so I returned the next week. After returning for a few more weeks it became a practice. I love the crystal grids Steve positioned in the center of our circle and the ceremonious calling in of the directions. Most special were Solstice, Equinox and Steve’s birthday celebrations.

The nine months we meditated together was a transitional time in my life. I was experiencing a job loss as a sales representative for a networking and telecommunications company and moving toward opening my own consulting business. The connection to higher knowing during meditations helped me keep everything in perspective and quieted occasionally self-sabotaging voices and unfounded fears of not being enough or having enough.

For months I had been working on my own with Kundalini meditation guided chakra practices to activate energy and awakening by Harijiwan Khalsa. In one session with Steve’s chakra balancing everything came into harmony. We worked not only on benefiting individuals in the group with meeting the Dark Mother and Inner Child meditations; but also benefiting our planet with Healing Water, Earth Hug, and Tree of Life meditations.

I feel truly blessed to have been a participant in Steve’s Activated Human Lighthouse Program . Steve- Thank you for sharing it with the world."

- Tracy B./Minneapolis, MN