There is a very deep human need...

to continually undergo symbolic, or spiritual, deaths and be reborn anew. We yearn for the psychic severance of things that no longer serve us (whether emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually) to free up the space within ourselves, or our within our lives, to foster greater growth, fulfillment, and a deeper capacity for joyful living. The health of our psyche depends on us finding healthy means of doing this.

The thing is...

even though we have all felt the friction within our souls when we know a change needs to be made, when we need to move on, to let go; when we feel trapped, stuck, blocked, broken, or unfulfilled - but, most of us are never taught how to actually navigate these choppy waters. Our society doesn't necessarily have a great contingency plan for inner turmoil. 

awaken your heroic spirit

Becoming Beacons is a weekly meditation group that utilizes the archetypal path of the Hero's Journey as its backbone, aiding spiritual seekers to courageously undergo the twelve stages of this arc to open to Greater Being within themselves - whatever that may mean to them individually. We will engage each of these twelve life-regenerating stages through poignant meditations, reflection exercises, and, at times, ceremonial acts.

This is incredibly powerful spiritual work that gives us the blueprint of how to engage our own becoming in a deeply mythic and personal way. There are stages of this journey that will demand everything of us. But, there is nothing more necessary, or fulfilling, than doing this work because of the Hero it truly initiates you into. 

There are two ways to participate

This is an open meditation class - you can drop in any time you like and are not required to start at the beginning of this journey to partake. Though this group has the Hero's Journey as a really influential undertone, each session will be devised in such a way that newcomers will easily be capable of utilizing the meditations and exercises, for what they are, within the context of their own spiritual lives.

However, if you feel the "call to adventure" and feel called to follow this through to completion - this arc can be the catalyst for a powerful initiation for you into Greater Being. So, if you feel stuck, if you can feel that tension churning within your soul calling you to action in some area of your life, if you are transitioning between one stage of life and another, but can't seem to break free, if you feel unfulfilled and at the end of your wits, tired of sitting back on your dreams, or if you are ready to access your inner Hero and be initiated on the true path of your Soul (opening to your true purpose, service, and fulfillment) - I invite you to engage this powerful process with us in a very supportive communal way! 

What this journey will look like

Stage 1 - Call to Adventure - We will meditate on what Spirit is calling us to do, work on or heal internally, put off for too long, etc - everyone's will be unique and require both internal and external transformation

Stage 2 - Refusal of the Call - We will address and face our initial fears and blocks that threaten, and have always sabotaged, our ability to courageously follow through undertaking this Call and learn some incredible techniques to help us maintain as the path dives deeper

Stage 3 - Meeting the Mentor - We will journey in meditation to meet an inner guide, who will become an important ally on our journey, and we will seek necessary insight for our journey and instruction for our first ceremony to help initiate The Crossing of the First Threshold

Stage 4 - Crossing of the First Threshold - This session will involve some small ceremonial acts to help everyone to initiate and solidify this pivotal moment of the journey and learn how enter our personal "Underworld" (unconscious) meditatively to unearth revelations, insights, and healing surrounding the issue of the Call

Stage 5 - Tests, Enemies, & Allies - These next three stages will possibly be more than one session. Ex: Enemies - devoted to facing and embracing our archetypal shadow and retrieve the healing and insight it embodies surrounding the issue of the Call. Allies - devoted to discovering guides, power animals, etc that hold wisdom and potent insight into the issue surrounding the Call

Stage 6 - Approach of the Inmost Cave - We will journey to seek what our greatest barrier/fear/blockage/etc is to completing the Call

Stage 7 - Supreme Ordeal, Death, & Rebirth - We will journey and face the aspect of our shadow that represents that "greatest barrier" and embrace it, unlocking the healing and transformation within it. Another session will be a powerful ceremonial act to help initiate the spiritual death of who we used to be, carrying that barrier, to allow us to be free of it and be reborn anew

Stage 8 - Receiving the Ultimate Boon - A powerful, healing meditation of communion with Spirit and receive insight into what to do with this Boon (the reward of the Hero feat - whatever that is for your journey), receive praise and deep reconciliation with Spirit for completing the Hero feat, etc

Stage 9 - Crossing the Return Threshold - There will be a gratitude meditation for the fruits of our labors and a ceremonial act to help initiate our full rebirth and give added power to the New Life emerging within us, so it can properly root itself

Stage 10 - Resurrection - This will involve a chakra cleansing and awakening to release any old energies and open ourselves to our new depth of being and activating it

Stage 11 - Master of Two Worlds - A session of deep introspection of what must change going forward to honor this shift and transformation, adopting this new way of being, allowing us to be more masterful in our inner and outer lives

Stage 12 - Freedom to Live - This will be a communal celebration where we welcome each other into our individual Greater Being. Our meditation will involve connecting with each other and blessing each other with our love and respect for the great work we have undertaken together

Before we begin, I will call in the power of the 7 Directions and give a Reiki blessing to each direction, which sanctifies the space with an energy that can only be quantified as sacred. There is a real hush that comes over the room and imbues everybody in attendance with a very comforting, yet serious power. Serious in the way that what we are doing at that moment is being taken very serious by the Divine. To many people whom have attended, this tactile experience is one of the reasons they enjoy this group experience most. 

On certain occasions, there may possibly be some form of a ceremonial act that occurs. Ceremony is important to spiritual life because it adds power to intention, to healing, to initiations, to new beginnings, to solidifying endings. Ceremony is a placeholder for you to meet Spirit deeply and say "I am ready to include you deeper in my spiritual development." Ceremony is a phenomenal way for you to add action and symbolic physicality to your intention setting process that deepens its effect. This is you doing deeper spiritual work and collaborating with Spirit in a way that transcends and glorifies the unnamed and uncelebrated (by society) milestones of our spiritual lives!

When: Every Tuesday @ 6-7pm
Where: Jai Healing Collective - South Minneapolis (click map below for directions)
Cost: $15