The revolution will not be televised...

There are few things greater than the beauty created when groups of humans come together under a mutual intent to cultivate peace and harmony. And there is beginning to be a growing body of measurable, scientific data proving how something changes physically in the world when the collective mind becomes highly concentrated (see video below). There is a definite power in numbers and intentionality. This is an act towards an enduring state of peace within the world. A peace that is cultivated personally and collectively, not a peace that has been mandated superficially. Together, we have the power within each of us to create this. Together, we can change this world! 

Elevate. Activate. Radiate.

Activated Human Lighthouses is a bi-monthly meditation group that uses its collectivity and human beauty to be of meditative spiritual service to the world at large. Connecting and opening our hearts with each other, we will amplify this beautiful, uplifting resonance out into the world to aid the elevation of the collective consciousness. We will use our love to pray/send healing to areas of the world that need it most at the time (war, natural disasters, tragedies, etc) and then extend it to all of the Earth and the life forms therein. At the end, there will be space for inviting your loved ones into the energy, within the circle, to offer them prayer and healing blessings in the amplified love resonance. You will always leave uplifted and know that everyone that came together created a resonance of beauty that has rippled out into the world to transform it for the better.

Steve’s masterful guidance, complemented by his background music which supports and enhances the meditative flow, has us breathing our way into our own intimate connection with the Divine.
— Kathleen F.

Before we begin, I will call in the power of the 7 Directions and give a reiki blessing to each direction, which sanctifies the space with an energy that can only be quantified as sacred. There is a real hush that comes over the room and imbues everybody in attendance with a very comforting, yet serious power. Serious in the way that what we are doing at that moment is being taken very serious by the Divine - we have come together to heal within and offer our blessed hearts to the healing of the collective. To many people whom have attended, this tactile experience is one of the reasons they enjoy this group experience most. 

I feel truly blessed to have been a participant in Steve’s Activated Human Lighthouse Program!
— Tracy B.

When: Every other Sunday; 11am-noon (See schedule below)
Where: Jai Healing Collective; South Minneapolis (See map below)
Cost: Donation-based; whatever you can give from your heart to help cover space rental