Divine Design: 

An Instrumental Process for Meditative Music Gold

Music is a force as ancient as time itself. Everything within the universe dances with rhythm and resonance. From the revolutions of galaxies, the orbits of planets, to the changing of seasons, the beat of the heart, the movements of electrons - and the list can spiral into eternity.

As a musician, music goes beyond the notes and melodies to me. It is sustenance. It is healing. It is sonic beauty expressed. 

Before I began creating this program I had made several meditation pieces to accompany my personal meditation practice, but nothing on the level that has come through me for this project. The creative process behind this entire program was quite divinely inspired. Before I would sit down to do any work, I would go into prayer and ask for the brilliant, divine creative forces of the Universe to flow through me, to use me as their instrument. Often times starting with the iconic prayer of St. Francis - "Lord, let me be an instrument of thy peace..." or a beautiful phrase I came across some time ago: "It is not through me, but through me." But, this notion of opening myself up to allow for it to create itself, essentially, was the focal point of this project. To flow with the creative force, not force it. To allow it to surprise me - and boy did it ever!

Westerners believe you have to use your will to create. You have to use force, determination, and perseverance to create. This is very yang based, which goes hand in hand with how western society is fundamentally designed, so it should be no wonder. The yin element of creation - the feminine - is the allower, the yielder. The element that creates by allowance, by allowing the natural way of things to unfold. This contrasts in the yang's way of interjecting and imposing its own will and desire upon the creational process. Each have their own place, yet when it comes to the arts, I feel the yin offers more in the way of purity, as it comes from a place of openness rather than one of control. So, I intended on infusing this entire project with this type of resonance - seeking egoless creational/spiritual purity.

The Activated Human Lighthouse Program Soundtrack

The music for The Activated Human Lighthouse Program is quite minimalistic, both melodically and compositionally. It is repetitive by design and this repetition is quite functional for meditation. I have a real hard time with "relaxing" or meditative music that has a lot of variety, jarring gong/cymbal noises, or arrangements that have no real repetitive nature. To most people, especially musicians, this might sound really boring and a waste. However, meditation music, like I just described, in my opinion, seems to be fighting for your attention whereas you should be focused solely on your practice, not the music. As I write this, I am listening to "relaxing music" on youtube and I am finding it hard to orchestrate my sentences properly, because the music is fighting for my attention.

I sought out to create meditation music that would not fight for your attention, although it would be designed to support and enhance your meditative journey 100%. I wanted it to act as soundtrack music, almost. That it would accent your experience just as poignantly as music in critical movie scenes do. Each composition was tailored exactly to fit the particular meditation you are listening to. From the resonance of the key to the chord progression to the feel to the sound of the instruments - everything was consciously inspired to evoke the emotional experience that that meditation is seeking to draw out of you. This, to me, is paramount and, from what I can tell, unique to this program. Most of the guided meditations I have ever listened to have either had really generic "soothing" music accompanying it that didn't aid much in bringing forth an appropriate emotional reaction or was detracting to the overall experience in some way. 

Not only is the music designed in such a way that it aims to engage you emotionally, but it is repetitive. Why is repetition so important, you may be wondering? Because anything that repeats, your brain is quickly able to filter into the background. This allows you to focus all your attention to actually meditating versus constantly being drawn back to the music in a distracting way. It allows you to be cradled by the music, not overly stimulated by it. The repetition is a double agent, as well. The repetition acts as a subtle way of bringing you deeply into a light trance state. This means a deeper, more profound meditative experience!

Music for the Archetypes

The music I composed for the Archetypal meditations are quite special and unlike any of the others. They start off with music that aims to bring out the qualities of the archetype you are engaging. Some of which may be a slightly unsettling. This is good though, like I said, we want to bring out the emotional quality we are looking for, because once in a deep meditative state we can truly unearth, transform, and heal that wound or fear.

Then half way through the visualization process, something beautiful occurs! There is a key change into a chordal progression that just oozes with healing resonances, to strike forth the latent power within you to finally embrace and heal this aspect of your being. From my experience with these meditations, these are power moments, magical even.

A=432 Hz

A little over a year ago, I came across the growing awareness concerning the use of different tuning systems for music. All of western music today is tuned to the standard of A=440hz. 440hz meaning the frequency vibration of the musical note A. However, this was not always the case. Apparently, throughout most of history, music was tuned to its more natural harmonic expression of A=432hz. From my own experience, being a trained musician and carrying a bachelor's degree in music recording, I can discern a very real, harmonic difference between the two frequency tuning systems. Being as receptive to energy as I am, there is a very different energetic experience that washes over you when you hear the resonance of 432 versus 440. 

I have tuned my acoustic guitar to the 432 frequency and when you strum a chord and hold the sound hole up to your ear and feel, both energetically and sonically, the resonance that comes off of it, it feels incredibly healing. It feels so fluid, "full," and, somehow, "the way it is meant to be heard."

The 432 frequency is a natural harmonic spectrum and has the beauty of the golden ratio/spiral present within it. If you don't know much about the golden ratio/spiral, I suggest you google it and investigate! Our cochlea within our ears is snail shaped, whose spiral shape has the golden spiral written all over it. We are intended to experience sonic information from the surround in this manner, at that frequency. If this strikes you, I suggest you do some googling on this frequency, as well. Even the history of how the 440hz frequency became the standard is very bizarre and, honestly, downright outrageous! 

So, with all this considered. The Activated Human Lighthouse Program is designed on every level for you to have the deepest, most profound, connecting, enduring meditative experience you can open yourself up to. The power is all within you already, we just help facilitate you remembering that!

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