It all started when...

I was in my second year of college. I came home from school early, I was exhausted and collapsed onto my bed. I dreamt that I woke up in my exact bed, in my exact apartment - what is known as a False Awakening - so, unaware I was actually dreaming at the moment, I believed I was actually awake. 

I walk out into my living room and all my roommates are home, too. They shouldn't be either, yet here they are throwing a party, inviting me to join them, but something feels terribly off about the whole situation that I can't seem to grasp. I rip into my bathroom to splash water in my face, but it doesn't help shake the feeling. So, I walk back out and b-line it to the front door against all my roommates cries for me to join them. 

dream door portal.jpg

I open the door...

And it's a completely foreign landscape outside! I just about lose it - "what the hell happened since I went to sleep!?!?!" It is still a few moments before I realize I am dreaming, as I have no clue about lucid dreaming at this point in my life. How jarring!

This dream single-handedly changed my life. I believe that when I look back on my life, this very dream will be seen as one of the most pivotal moments of Grace that completely altered the trajectory of my life. Dreams can be that powerful. I was blown away to discover this was an actual "thing" - known as Lucid Dreaming. That little taste and I was hooked! I dove in deep and never came up for air.

If one could have such a powerful and vivid conscious experience in a reality outside of our waking one, that opens a huge Pandora's box of possibilities within the realm of spiritual matters - especially life after death! This set me on the path towards self-discovery. Now, after 11 years of dedicated dreamwork and spiritual seeking, the fruit of my labors are as vast as they are rich! I can't even imagine how the last decade would have gone had it not been so soaked in meaning and the personal revelation and transformation that it has. 

My dreams have been my greatest guiding and transformational force and their wisdom and guidance has never failed me! They have been beautiful, brutally honest, and deeply personal signposts that have faithfully guided me along the path to wholeness. It is my greatest yearning to share this necessary, dying art with you! There is a life-changing dream experience or insight that is just steeped in anticipation to revolutionize your life overnight - any night!

discover the majesty of your dreams

The Art of Dreaming is an open dream class that explores all areas of the Dreamworld - including everything listed on the right and much more! (click to enlarge)

Each class will focus on a certain aspect of dreaming, dreamwork, and/or lucid dreaming (ex: lucid dreaming induction techniques; nightmare/shadow dreams; death/rebirth; etc). There will be a discussion, opportunity to share our dream experiences with that topic, explore techniques/meditations to incubate certain types of dreams/dream experiences relative to the topic, and other appropriate activities to enhance the understanding/implementation of these aspects of dreaming! We are going to have a lot of fun with this!

Dreamwork and Lucid Dreaming will hold a great deal of weight on what this class is all about. The Art of Dreaming aims to offer thorough and insightful classes that help revive the deeply human art of dreaming and cultivate a rich community of dreamers! Come join us and begin to utilize the gold mine of wisdom, healing, and insight that is readily available to all of us every night of our lives!

When: Every Tuesday; 730-830pm
Where: Jai Healing Collective; South Minneapolis, MN (See map below)
Cost: $15